An interview with John W. (Jack) Crook, Sr. VP EHS at Diversified Oil & Gas

Ahead of the HSE for Unconventional Oil & Gas 2019, we spoke with John W. (Jack) Crook, Sr. VP EHS, Diversified Oil & Gas  aboutstrategies to optimize contractor management systems.

You are speaking on strategies to optimize contractor management systems specifically through proper training and corrective leadership, what are some successes you have found when implementing these types of strategies within your organization?  

We have found that properly trained contractors, who utilize a process have fewer injuries, are more efficient, and tend to have fewer incidents on site.  Participating in a structured plan that requires specific documented training and testing emphasizes our approach to safety-conscious contractors and weeds out those less qualified.

Why do you think organizations face the challenges of finding and acquire qualified contractors? 

Many organizations have difficulty because they are burdened with seeking the least cost option.  By utilizing a contractor management system, they can find qualified contractors who have already uploaded training, insurance, and safety policies in one convenient place.  Operations people tend to go with people they know, or that someone used to work with, often at the expense of safety. They may feel it burdensome to use a system until they realize its simplicity and ease.

You mentioned another area of interest and expertise is site safety sign in/safety orientation, what are a few key takeaways you could share with us and what are some areas of improvement?  

On active drilling sites especially a sign in the system in a must to keep track of numerous contract workers as well as company people, in the event of a situation this is critical to account for all site personnel. A Basic orientation provides needed muster points and things to be aware of for novice to experienced workers. 

What is your background? How have you gotten to where you are at in your career?  

I am a licensed professional geologist who spent the first portion of my career as a Wireline Engineer, DJ Basin, Overthrust in Wyoming, Kansas, Texas and Williston basins.  Moved back to Pennsylvania to work for the state environmental agency doing compliance and regulatory oversight for 24 years before going back to the Industry managing and developing Regulatory and Safety Programs for my last two companies.  The ability to understand production, drilling, and operations as well as midstream has allowed me to develop programs that are effective and relevant to our industry.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself that is not in your bio or LinkedIn profile. 

I collect Case Brand Pocket Knives and am an Ambassador for the company. They are based in Bradford Pennsylvania and have been in business for over 125 years.

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