Without exclusion: all professionals, enterprises and public or private bodies in the sector that are interested in entering their projects, products or services for the Expobiomasa Award for Innovation will be able to enter as candidates. It will be possible to participate whether candidates are at the Fair or not. The call for entries is now open to all interested parties, which means that it is not a necessary requirement to be an exhibitor in order to access the competition.

The Spanish Biomass Association, the awards organiser, aims to go deeper into the sector and, by lifting the limitations on participation, hopes to increase the chance of bringing together a more complete and varied sample of technological innovation.

What has not changed is the basic nature of the award, which still aims to contribute towards driving the sector forwards by recognising initiatives that boost its economic development. Once again there is just one category for both the main prize and the runners-up, worth €2,000 and €500 respectively. And also unchanged is the Expobiomasa Innovation Dossier, which will contain all the information provided by the candidates, be posted on the official website before the event is held and distributed among collaborators and specialised press in order to publicise the information before the fair itself.

Expobiomasa is, without doubt, the perfect showcase for technology, novel ideas and innovation. Proof of this is our commitment to promoting firms and the award of over 80,000 euros over the years to winners of the Innovation Prize for their involvement in continuous improvement within the sector and adaptation to new consumer demands. Yet again, besides the technological component and the degree of innovation, candidates will also be scrutinised using criteria for originality, applicability and energy saving in order to find the winner.

Interested parties can contact info@expobiomasa.com or call 975 10 20 20.

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